How do I use the Center Health lancing device?

Great question!

To load a new lancet inside your lancing device:

1. Twist off the top half of the lancing device (above the grey ring) to the right, and the top half should come off. 

2. Discard the old lancet, if applicable. 

3. Insert a new lancet into your lancing device.

4. Place the top half of the lancing device back on, and twist to the left until you hear the top half click into place. 

To use your lancing device:

1. Make sure a lancet is inserted (see above instructions). 

2. Choose the depth you would like by rotating the top cap, to select your preferred depth. 

3. Pull the top half of the lancing device upwards, to activate the spring in the lancing device. 

4. Place the top of the lancing device on the area of your finger that you would like to prick. 

5. Press down on the button on the lancing device to release the spring to prick your finger. 

Note: The lancets we provide are 30 gauge. 

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