I received my Center CGM. What do I do now?

Awesome! To get started with your Center CGM, please follow these steps:

First, download the Freestyle Libre 3 app:

  1. Download the Freestyle Libre 3 app:
  1. Once downloaded, create a LibreView account, or login if you have one already.

Then, you'll apply your CGM sensor:

  1. Wash, Clean, and Dry: Select a site on the back of your upper arm. Clean skin with non-moisturizing, fragrance-free soap and water. Use an alcohol wipe to remove any oily residue and let air dry.

  1. Open Applicator: Unscrew cap from applicator and place sensor over the back of your upper arm.

  1. Apply: To apply the sensor, press firmly and listen for the click. Pull back slowly after a few seconds.

*You may also refer to the instruction manual included with your CGM.

Now, you'll sync your CGM with the Libre app:

  1. On the Libre app’s Main Menu, tap Start New Sensor.
  2. Scan the sensor by touching it with the top of your smartphone. You’ll receive a tone and vibration when you’ve successfully started it.
    • Each phone model is different. Move your phone around if needed.

  1. The sensor can be used to check your glucose after a 1-hour warm-up period. You will automatically receive a notification when your sensor is ready. Please make sure your notifications are turned on.

Lastly, you'll sync the Libre app to Center Health app:

  1. Download the Center Health app to your phone if you haven't already:
  1. Open the Center Health app on your phone
  2. If you have a Center Health account already, login as normal.
    • If not, select "Get Started" and enter in your information to create your account.
  1. Once logged into the Center app, tap the "..." menu icon at the bottom right corner.
  2. Tap "Connected Apps & Devices"
  3. Tap FreeStyle Libre
  4. View the instructions, and tap the "Sync Now" button
    1. Login to your LibreView account to connect apps.

and now you're all set! Your Libre data will now appear in the Center Health app


  • Try not to catch your CGM sensor on doorways, car doors, and seat belts. Avoid touching it once on.
  • Careful when dressing. Give the CGM sensor room to breathe with lightweight, loose-fitting clothes.
  • While the CGM sensor is water resistant, please avoid submerging the sensor more than 3 feet or for more than 30 minutes at a time. Gently pat it dry.
  • Try an over-bandage if playing contact sports. Use skin adhesive if sweating loosens the sensor.
  • For information on how to remove and replace your CGM, please visit this FAQ page.

To sign up for Center CGM, just visit https://cgm.center.health/

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