My Center Health meter isn't connecting, what should I do?

Not to worry! Try the following steps :) 

  1. Make sure your phone is on the Center Health meters' supported phones list, found here
  2. See if restarting your phone solves the problem. 
  3. Try removing the battery by lifting the grey silicon flap, removing the battery, waiting 5 seconds and then putting it back in.
  4. Make sure the Center Health app has the "microphone" permission enabled in your phone's settings. 
  5. Try deleting and reinstalling the Center Health app. 
  6. Try closing all of your background apps on your iPhone, and turning off bluetooth. There could be a background app or bluetooth accessory competing for microphone access, and we can pinpoint it by trying this. After closing those background apps and turning off bluetooth, then try your Center Health meter and see if it works. 
  7. Be sure that there's no lint in your headphone or Lightning jack, or that your phone case isn't prohibiting the Center Health meter from being plugged in all the way! 
  8. Make sure that the email address you're using in your Center Health app is the same one you used to purchase the Center Health meter with. For security purposes, we activate every app account to use a Center Health meter based on that email, so if it's different, nothing will happen when you plug in your Center Health meter! If you are using a different email, simply email us at if you want us to update/activate your email address :) 
  9. Confirm that your microphone volume is all the way up when you're using the app, that your phone isn't on a silent mode, and isn't on a do not disturb mode. All of these can interfere with the Center Health meter connection! 

Still no luck?

Send us an in app message describing the problem you're having in detail by tapping the chat box icon in the top right of the Center Health app, and we'll be glad to help get things fixed for you as quickly as possible! 

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