I'm getting strange readings on my Center Health meter, what should I do?

In terms of accuracy and performance, 100% of the Center Health meters we send out are tested before shipping. So if you're seeing a difference between your old meter and your Center Health meter, the reason is likely that unlike traditional strips, the Center Health meters have a dual sensor which measures both blood glucose, and hematocrit (the amount of water in your blood). Most conventional test strips don't measure hematocrit, and so readings can be significantly off from their real values because of hematocrit interference! So, our strip measures this, and corrects for it for every single test you do, ensuring you have the most accurate reading possible. Some more basic strips don't account for this, which yields different readings. You can check some more of our stats here if you're curious,


To get the most accurate readings, please make sure to do the following: 

  1. To power this dual sensor, the Center Health meters may use slightly more blood than conventional test strips - so make sure you are filling the testing chamber completely, all the way to the top with blood. 
  2. Make sure your fingers are clean before testing -- sometimes, food residue can have sugar in it, which may trigger a higher than usual reading. 
  3. Want us to send you a bottle of control solution to confirm everything is working properly? Just email us at yourfriends@center.health and we'll send you one 100% for free! :)
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